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UPDATED: Tesco Clubcard app for Blackberry launches / download stats

The Tesco Clubcard application, first launched on iPhone, has just become available to owners of RIM Blackberry smart phones.

The application can be viewed by following the link below or you can install it by following the same link on your device (you will need to install App World first if you haven’t already).

Ben Martin, the developer behind the app, reports that so far the application has been downloaded 20,649 times when he looked this morning (Monday 17 May). This morning we notice that it has just been added to the App World Carousel (see the image below – click to enlarge) which we think will significantly enhance downloads. The carousel is the first screen that consumers see when they launch App World on their device and is a short list of popular applications selected by RIM.

We also have access to data that detail what device or cellular provider the application has been installed on. Ben reports that currently the most popular device is the BlackBerry 9700 – 40% of downloads of the app have been to this model – and the most popular cellular provider is Orange over which 39% of downloads have been conducted.

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