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OpenAI's poetry writing shows the power of GPT-3 models

AI is getting good! I have joined OpenAI's beta programme with access to their GPT-3 AI service, and I asked it to write me a poem.

My exact brief: "Write a poem the explores our love of our home in the town of Peacehaven in the summer. Use rhyming sentences, and emphasise the sound of the sea".

GPT-3 has four versions of their text transformer model: Ada, Babbage, Curie and DaVinci (A, B, C, D). DaVinci is their latest. Let's see how each model tackled my brief:

DaVinci: -------- The sea is the sound of my home The waves are the sound of my heart The sand is the sound of my feet And the sun is the sound of my smile

My home is the place where I feel most at peace The place where I feel most loved And in the summer, it's even more perfect

The sea breeze blowing through my hair The sun shining down on my skin And the sound of the waves crashing against the shore

This is what peace feels like This is what love feels like This is my home -------- (wow that's really enlightening with big ending)

Curie ------ We love our home in the town of Peacehaven, The summers are always so warm and bright, The sun shines down on our street and the trees are in bloom, And the breeze is always so fresh and clean. ------ (short and factual, not bad!)

Babbage --------- Our love of home is warm and true, We love the layout of our home, The way the sun shines in through the windows, And the sound of the waves crashing on the shore.

Our love of home is strong and true, We've been together since we were young, And we'll never let each other go.

We love the smell of the frying chicken, The sound of the children playing in the yard, And the feeling of safety and security.

We love our home and we'll never let go, We'll always be there for each other. --------- (verbose and overly romantic sweetness - seems to have gone off the rails with talk of frying chicken but hey)

Ada ---- How much I love the way this place backs against the sun and moon!

The way the locals are so happy and so content in their own way.

How much I love the way they make me feel and the way they laugh when I wrong doing I love all of this together. ---- (They laugh when 'I wrong doing'?! I'm also not into our home backing against the sun and the moon)

AI may not be sentient (yet) but the models improve all the time so we'll see how this poetry gets better.

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