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Today is “Email: Say It In The Subject!” Day

Today is “Email: Say It In The Subject!” Day!

This is where the emails you write to your friends and colleagues have all the vital information contained in the subject of the message rather than in the body.

The aim of today’s experiment is to see if, when you receive such emails, it becomes easy for you to scan the subject list and quickly receive all the essential info you need, without opening the messages.

Examples: • Need that R&D Q4 review report by 11am for meeting with Chris. Ready by 10? • Happy to meet about XYZ proposal. Thursday at 2pm free for me. You? • IT Clinic – get your Tesco laptop super healthy – see us Thu 31st March in Atrium!

In summary, the theory of “saying it” in the subject of an email:

  1. Conveys information quickly

  2. Allows recipients to receive this information without opening your message

  3. Recipients prioritising email messages to open still always get the info in your message

  4. You get your message across just by appearing in their list of emails!

  5. Reduces bandwidth and spam if adopted everywhere

Join the Tesco.com R&D team to see if we can prove we can make emails quick to read (and quick to write) by taking part in the experiment today!

Come back to this blog after the weekend to answer a couple of questions to see if it worked for you, and what benefits – and concerns – you experienced.


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