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Tesco Recipes App for iPad launches

Yes we’ve just launched our first (and frankly gorgeous) iPad app – Tesco Recipes.

The app was designed of course by our mobile app creators extraordinaire – Ribot, who used the ‘salivation commences’ slogan in their blog post as that sums up for me regarding what this app is all about.

Andy Beale, IT Manager into whom our fledgling production mobile development team reports, commented:

Special thanks to Sreelatha in India who has worked tirelessly to test the application and who is a cornerstone of Tesco’s engineering team. Also thanks to Owen Day who actually led the project for IT at Tesco and helped the team to release this for our customers before Christmas.

The application’s mix of gorgeous presentation, access to over 1000 recipes and the ability to add ingredients straight to your grocery basket is just sensational (click images below for bigger picture):

In their blog post, Ribot wrote:

Christmas has come a day or two early this year for those that have been yearning for a source of inspiration whilst grocery shopping on their iPads… Well, we’re happy to announce that Tesco Recipes has been launched!
Bringing together the mouth-watering and inspiring photos and recipes from Tesco Real Food and the simplicity and utility of the Tesco grocery shopping experience, you can now purchase all the ingredients for your favourite recipes with ease.
This project wouldn’t have been possible without all the hard work by Rob, Jerome and Ian – the designers at ribot, Neil and Lei – the very talented ‘developers’ and of course Becky and co. from the Tesco team!
Happy shopping and Happy Christmas to all the foodies out there!

I couldn’t put is better myself. Well done everyone involved! Click here to go to iTunes to download the app for your iPad.

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