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Tesco Grocery App for Nokia phones submitted to OVI store

Last night we submitted our most ambitious mobile application yet to Nokia’s OVI app store.

It’s a simple but complete grocery home application which allows you to search for products and add them to your online basket. It has full access to your favourites and all special offers so you can shop for groceries on the move. You can even amend an order that is checked-out awaiting delivery in order to add to (or alter) the basket or delivery slot.

The app is synchronised with your grocery account so everything you do on the phone is applied to the web version of your basket (and vice versa) when an internet connection is available. It uses the Tesco Grocery API for all its back-end services.

The Tesco Grocery app will work on the following Nokia handsets – the S60 series: 5800, N97, N97 mini, X6, 5230 and 5530.

The app was developed for us by a small and specialist mobile development company, Ribot, who I think have done an amazing job of delivering such a rich application to the small Nokia screens.

The app should be available from the Nokia OVI store in the next few days once Nokia’s OVI quality assurance team have given it the once-over.

I’ll talk more about our thinking behind the app, give you a complete walkthrough, and introduce you to some of the people at Ribot (explaining why we chose them) over the next couple of days here on this blog.

If I were to be quoted, I’d say: The Tesco Grocery app is so easy to use. Simply sign in, book a delivery slot, build or amend a shopping list and check out. Tesco groceries to your door, from your mobile phone. Updated: (link) Nice article on the app and our thinking from Ronan Shields at Marketing Week and (same text) at New Media Age.

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