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Tesco Groceries app for Android not far away now

I’ve recently spotted this article on Infinite Path: Are big businesses missing out by putting the iPhone above Google Android?


Take Tesco for example. It’s hard to avoid their TV ads promoting their iPhone app which allows people to scan barcordes to generate a shopping list and then order items. A great idea, which makes it even more shocking they are yet to launch an Android version. It seems they’re working on it. Nick Lansley, who blogs on the supermarket’s technological endeavours, has said as much, but that was back in September and four months down the line there’s no indication of when it will be launched.

So I found out the latest news from our mobile dev team then posted this tweet:

@techfortesco Tesco Groceries app for Android not far away now. Patience, android fans, for just a few more weeks. We want it perfect.

I think that says it all – and I’ll keep using my Google Nexus One as my main ‘phone until at least the app has launched (colleagues keep testing me during meetings to confitm that it is still my primary phone!).

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