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Tesco Freeview Experiment – Applications closed

Thanks to all of you who have applied to join the Tesco Freeview Experiment.

Applications are now closed, and I am sifting through the postcodes to confirm the 20 different main service transmitters that will be used in the experiments tonight and I’ll announce on this blog tomorrow morning the applicants to receive the Technika Freeview HD set-top box with ‘Channel Zero’ capability.

The way I’ll perform the selection is simple:

  1. I’ll check each postcode against the data at to ensure that the applicant lives within the service area of a ‘main service’ transmitter.

  2. If more than one applicant is served by the same main service transmitter, I will use a random variable to select the applicant using Microsoft Excel’s RAND() random function. I’ll sort by RAND() and the person sorted to the top within the same main service transmitter group will get the box.

  3. I will publish the applicant’s first name, postal town, and main service transmitter name on this blog tomorrow morning and follow it up with an email.

If you are not on the list then you won’t be receiving a set-top box from me but you can still join in if you have a compatible ‘Channel Zero’ Freeview receiver:

  1. You can buy a compatible Freeview box for £19 from Tesco Direct (click here). This box is standard definition and does not have an ethernet/internet socket, but you’ll still be able to get ‘read-only’ content from the experiment sent over-the-air.

  2. Here is the Freeview HD version for £70 from Tesco Direct (click here). This has an ethernet socket which will be switched on during the experiment using a broadcast update to your box.

Simply follow this blog to join in the Tesco Freeview Experiment.

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