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Tesco Finder’s 4000th download and barcode searching capability

You may be interested to know that today we’ve reached 4,000 downloads of our iPhone Tesco Finder application, and that the Tesco API is servicing anonymous product search requests at the rate of one every 20 seconds during the day and evening.

You may also like to know that one of Tesco Finder’s hidden talents is that you can search on a 13-digit barcode. Just read any barcode from a grocery product and type it in. If it’s stocked at your selected store we’ll show you it (complete with image if we have it).

Yes I know it would be great if you could use Tesco Finder to point the iPhone at a barcode so it could work out the number and perform the search. It would be like a… a.. red laser? We think so too!

Patience, innovation fans; just for a short time.

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