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Tesco “Feet On The Floor” returns… without me!

I’ve just read in The Grocer that more than 7,000 Tesco head office staff are to be sent to work in-store between September and December this year. It’s weird to think that, after all these years, I won’t be stacking the shelves or picking online orders alongside my Tesco colleagues this Christmas.

In we started ‘helping hands’ originally to help the in-store team pick the massive online grocery orders for Christmas. I’ll never forget my first stint: Colney Hatch Extra (north London) on 22 December 1998 working through the night entrusted by customers to pick their actual Christmas Day meal items, from turkey to cranberry sauce.

So good luck to my Tesco colleagues this time around. I’m not sure that any of us looked forward to Feet On The Floor as we must have resembled people rather lost and helpless to customers compared in-store staff – unless of course we had the Tesco Labs Inform app.

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