top of page CEO Laura Wade-Gery is #3 in Retail Week Etail Powerlist 2010

“Top People” lists seem all to be the rage these days, and it’s always nice to get a mention in them. CEO Laura Wade-Gery has made it to number 3 in Retail Week’s inaugural Etail Powerlist 2010 – Retail Week’s ranking of 50 most powerful people in online retail.

Laura is pipped only by Jeff Bezos at No.2, President and chief executive, Amazon (which speaks for itself) and at Number 1 is Nick Robertson, founder and chief executive at ASOS, the online clothes retailer. I’ve met Nick several times over the last few years (the first time just after the Bunsfield oil terminal explosion blew apart his warehouse) and a nicer and more focussed person would be difficult to find.

I get a mention in the Etail Powerlist 2010, too, as one of ten people who are “rising stars”! Part of this positioning seemed to stem from a speech I gave recently at the Internet Retailing conference when I had to step in at the last minute to replace my CIO, JJ Van Oosten, since I had written his presentation. It makes me wonder that, had JJ actually presented as planned, he would be the “rising star”. That’ll make an interesting conversation when I have coffee with him this morning. Have a look at what I mean from the Retail Week editorial (emphasis mine):

Avid blogger Lansley has been involved with’s biggest recent developments, including championing the publishing of its application programming interface (API), which allows third parties to tightly integrate with and act as complementary routes to market. Lansley also stepped in and did a great job when’s CIO JJ Van Oosten wasn’t able to make a planned presentation at Internet Retailing. Expect to see him stepping up as a face of more in the future.

Well as long as JJ doesn’t respond, “over my dead body!”. I better buy the coffees….

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