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Techfortesco blog stats: 3,000 readers a week

I’ve just taken some time to read the Google/Blogger analytics for techfortesco and I’m both delighted and humbled to reveal that just over 12,000 readers a month (over 3,000 readers a week, where a “reader” is defined as a combination of pageviews and unique IP addresses) are enjoying the content – and that’s not including those of you reading via the RSS feed and who receive articles by email.

Technorati, the blog directory, seems to have shone favourably – techfortesco has a current Technorati Authority of 116 and is ranked 19,380 out of 1.1 million tracked blogs as I write these words. Mind you, at around the time of the iPhone launch the ranking reached the 6,000s so the live ranking is a good indication of a blog’s authority. I’m going to argue that the higher up the ranking the more effort is required to provide both good quality and a high quantity of blog articles. Very high ranking blogs that I read seem to publish as many as 20 articles a day!

Never mind; the arm-pulling I’m doing to get some colleagues to write about their work for this blog is getting traction and you’ll see some of their content here soon. Indeed if you work at Tesco pursuing or working with technology to make the Tesco experience better for our customers and staff you are welcome to contribute. I have some self-imposed rules about observing confidentiality, business integrity, and attribution (making sure that content can be factually verified and is not libellous) but don’t worry, I’ll guide you through them. I’ll also take responsibility for publication – that means I have the final say editorially!

It’s time to make this blog the ‘go to’ place for those who wish to read about technology that helps Tesco – and to do that I think it needs to become more than just ‘Nick Lansley’s blog”.

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