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See you at the Retail Week Conference 2011

I’m just about to leave home to take the tube to the Retail Week Conference (at the Hilton London Metropole on Edgware Road).

If you are also attending the conference, I’m on stage for “Stream C – Technology” from 11:20am so do grab a seat in that conference theatre so I can help you can work out if you are the sort of customer who is a Hunter, Gatherer or Groundhog!

I’m also joining my fellow colleagues at a couple of tables Tesco has booked as part of the Retail Week Awards tonight where we are nominated for our work on the mobile stuff. So yes I will be dressed as a penguin for the evening!

When I’m not on stage I’ll be monitoring Twitter so if you want to say hello send a message to @nicklansley and maybe we can meet up during the afternoon.

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