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Philip Clarke blogs about ‘Out at Tesco’ gay staff network

Forgive me for my occasional digression from tech, but occasionally such interesting events happen that I sometimes decide to cover them here. Regular readers will know that I am a member of Tesco Diversity Council which ensures that ‘Everyone is welcome at Tesco‘. I am also a committee member for our lesbian, gay, bissexual and transgender staff (LGBT) support network Out at Tesco.

Tesco’s new CEO, Philip Clarke, has written on his internal blog about Out at Tesco. Our network’s sponsor, Dan Gilsenan, has asked me to recreate Philip’s blog article here and I am very happy to do so.

Tesco is sponsoring the Family Area at London’s Gay Pride festival on Saturday 2nd July 2011. I’ll be there helping out with my fellow committee members so come over and say hello!


Out at Tesco by Clarke, Philip on 18/05/2011 09:28 Category: Values In a meeting earlier today with the senior sponsor, Dan Gilsenan, I was reminded about how challenging life can be for our colleagues in the LGBT community. The work of the Out at Tesco network has been transformational for us and we need to keep on supporting it. Dan has decided to leave to be head of M and A at Intercontinental and will be sadly missed by the network, amongst others. We need a replacement senior mentor. If anyone out there wants to act as the mentor please let Andy Higginson or Therese Procter know. The role is to act as the bridge between the network and my senior team. I am really pleased that the company has sponsored the Family Area at this year’s London Pride celebration. I hope you all have a great day.

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