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Out at Tesco gay staff network wins award from Tesco CEO Sir Terry Leahy

Out at Tesco, the staff network for LGBT colleagues, has won an award from the man leading the Tesco – CEO Sir Terry Leahy.

Out at Tesco chairman Romain Sauron, who established the network in 2009 (which I am communications secretary), was invited on-stage at the Tesco Company Conference 2010 in London on 3 November to accept the award for his tireless efforts (mostly in his private time) to bring endorsement from all across Tesco.

In giving Out at Tesco an award, Sir Terry says (as you’ll hear in the video with link below)

“We’ve worked very hard over the years to make everyone welcome at Tesco because we have such a diverse work force. One of the ways we’ve done that is recognise and support the contribution of some of our minority groups. It’s very important that, as individuals, you can be yourself at Tesco. The support networks are very encouraging to help people to do that. We have a Women’s Network as you know, and a very successful Asian network, and recently we introduced a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender network which is called ‘Out at Tesco’ set up in March 2009 to help LGBT employees feel confident, be themselves at work.”

You can watch the 2 minute video of the presentation on YouTube at

For more on the Out at Tesco network go to

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