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Order your Tesco.com groceries through a Facebook app

As we get more customers onto our new ‘Project Martini’ grocery service, the time is coming when our army of third-party developers can unleash their Tesco Grocery API powered applications on the world.

One of these developers is James Mills, an IT programmer who came along to our Tesco TJAM day back in August last year.

James has developed a Facebook application called ‘My Shopping Assistant’ which allows Facebook users to shop groceries with us.

If you’re a Facebook user, take a look by following this link:


As soon as the API defect list is completed (so there aren’t any defects!) and all our customers are moved across (a couple of weeks or so) then James will really be able to power the application up. Even now you can perform some of the core functions of grocery shopping through James’s Facebook app.

James is also working on a shopping application for the O2 Joggler device that uses the Tesco Grocery API – he has a video of it in action here – fantastic work, James!

You’ll see more third-party applications using the Tesco Grocery API coming on-stream in the following weeks. If you’re a third party developer who uses our API, send me some blurb about your application and I’ll announce it here when you’re ready for launch.

Update: Text in this article was altered – changed ‘My Grocery Assistant’ to its correct name of ‘My Shopping Assistant’.

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