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Nice write-up about Tesco Groceries iPhone app in Daily Mail

The Daily Mail reporter Claire Coleman has written a nice write-up of our Tesco Groceries for iPhone app in her article “Think iPhone apps are just for geeky blokes? Read our Girls’ Guide to making the most of your mobile.“.


Best for supermarket haters

Tesco, free

If you want to shop from the bus and have dinner delivered to your door rather than struggling home with bagfuls of shopping, try a supermarket app. Tesco and Ocado both have ones that work in a similar way to their online shopping sites. You choose a delivery slot, pick the items you want delivered, and pay. For me, Tesco’s has the edge as, if you have one of their loyalty cards, all previous purchases will be stored in the favourites section the first time you log on – saving you a trawl through the aisles.

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