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New version of Tesco Recipes for iPad now live on App Store

The mobile team who created the sumptuous Tesco Recipes for iPad application have just informed me that the new version has gone live on Apple’s iTunes App Store. If you have already downloaded this free iPad app before then you’ll be prompted to update the application when you enter the App store and look at ‘updates’.

You’ll recall me being a big fan of this app – partly because of the wonderful photography and partly because it allows me to shop grocery products online thanks to its ability to add the recipe’s ingredients to my Tesco.com grocery basket. I am able to think about meal planning rather than have to think about individual products all the time.

The updated version has new content and new features, as well as removing some bugs from the first edition of the application. We’ve also fully tested it against iPad’s new operating system, IOS4.3.

This app makes the iPad perfect for kitchen use (and I can tell you from first hand experience that iPads do survive ingredients being accidentally splattered on them!).

You can tell if your copy of the app has been updated because the photograph of a Christmas pudding has been removed from the start-up/home-page and replaced with the photography below which is frankly just making me hungry. I must find out who does the photography and shake their hand!

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