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New features in Tesco API and just 7% of customers to be transferred

Today I have written to our 809 registered Tesco API developers telling them about an update that took place this lunchtime.

Dear API Developer

Just 7% of customers to go and we’ll have 100% of them on our new ‘project martini’ Tesco grocery web service – and available to you through the Tesco Grocery API.

The API (and its documentation) has been substantially updated this lunchtime. You’ll find the updated documentation in the Reference section of the TechForTesco forum.

Firstly, the API has been comprehensively updated to search for barcodes more accurately (both 8- and 13- digit), as well as various Tesco product numbers.

Secondly, the API now supports “Amend Order Mode”, a comprehensive new addition that enables a customer to add or amend an existing order that is already checked out and is pending delivery. It’s power lies in the fact that, once the order is initially checked out, the customer can add products to it using your application without any further visits to the Tesco web site to checkout again before delivery. You can amend such an order right up to the eve of the order being delivered.

So take a look at the new features and fixes and think about how it will add to the great experience you could offer your customers in your own applications.

7% to go..!

Best regards Nick Lansley Head of R&D

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