• Nick Lansley

Judging the 24-hour Retail Week House of Fraser Hackathon

I’m delighted to be chairing the judging panel once again for the second hackathon event from Retail Week.

Last year’s fantastic entries set a high bar and I’m looking forward to witnessing the creativity that will undoubtedly abound in this year’s group of teams!

You can read up more about the teams selected to compete by clicking here to go to the Retail Week hackathon website, but in summary they are: Asos, Cisco, Deloitte Digital, Drive, Localz, Omnifi, Shop Direct, Tesco Labs, and Travita.

It’s particularly good news that House of Fraser and Infosys have sponsored this year’s hackathon, I’m particularly looking forward to working with them and the other judges as we enjoy heated debates as to which team should triumph this year. I will of course (once again) act with total transparent impartiality and adopt my judge’s poker face despite my lovely ex-colleagues’ presence as a hacking team this year, just as they were present at last year’s event.

The Retail Week House of Fraser Hackathon runs for 24 contiguous hours, and takes place as part of the Retail Week Tech & Ecomm Summit on 15th and 16th September at the ETC conference centre at 155 Bishopsgate, London.

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