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IMPORTANT: Tesco API Services off air 18:00-00:00 UK (17:00-23:00 UTC) 26 April-4 May

IMPORTANT NOTICE to Tesco API Developers

Both the CTP (Community Technical Preview) and Beta editions of the Tesco grocery API will be off-air from 6pm – midnight UK (17:00-23:00 UTC) from 26 April until 4th May inclusive.

This is so that the IT teams can progress the final move of customers from the old ‘BOB’ grocery service to the new ‘Martini’ service with minimum disruption during peak loading times.

Furthermore, on the evening of the 4th May, the CTP API will be shut down for the final time, never to return to service. This version of the API uses the old ‘BOB’ grocery service which will no longer have any customers on it. This version of the API sits at until its final shutdown at 6pm UK (17:00 UTC) on 4th May 2010.

Apologies for this short notice and for any inconvenience caused to evening developers working on applications that use the Tesco API, which contributes significant traffic to our grocery servers. However, if we can get all the customers across in the next couple of weeks it will be worth the pain.

Best regards

Nick Lansley

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