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I’ve just submitted my Olympic 2012 “Games Maker” application

Yes, I’ve just volunteered to be one of thousands of “games makers” at the London 2012 Olympics.

I hope my skills in information technology, radio communications (I’m a licensed radio amateur) and media / PR stuff will be of some use to the organisers.

Mind you, I’ll probably end up in the kitchen washing zillions of dishes or have to go with rubber gloves to unblock the lavatories. But hey, I’m so glad the Olympics are coming to London and I want to give something back for the 25 years I have enjoyed living in this amazing world city.

Secretly I hope they need someone to support mobile apps, keep their computer systems going, and process all that data generated during the games. I can do that!

For more on the London 2012 Olympics and becoming a games maker go to because I may need help supporting that app … or unblocking that loo….!

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