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Credit where credit’s due: well done Ocado!

Last week our grocery home shopping competitor Ocado won the BT Retail Week Technology Award for their iPhone and Android Ocado on the Go apps.

The two applications are excellent examples of applying technology appropriately for the customer’s benefit – making the process of grocery shopping easier and more convenient.

I’m sure our forthcoming grocery apps will be worthy competition. Indeed if we can even do half as well as Ocado’s claim that 5% of orders are made through their apps, then we we will be more than happy.

So take a bow, dear competitor, and let’s see how well we do alongside you when we launch our grocery apps in another month or so. After all, with both of us raising our game in the world of mobile we both know who will benefit the most: Our customers!

I’ve talked about our forthcoming launch months for our grocery apps fairly openly. Isn’t there a danger that our other online competitors, Asda and Sainsburys, might launch their own grocery apps ahead of us? My honest answer is: Let them! We want our offerings to be a real step change in the customer experience and, to answer the question, “Do you want it ‘right’ or ‘now’?” we just want it to be perfectly right. I think our designers have done us proud with their thinking, and we just want to be sure with our test users.

We lost the ‘First’ trophy to Ocado. So we’re going relentlessly after ‘Best’.

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