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Careers at Tesco.com

Thank you if you are one of a number of people who have written to me about the possibility of a career at Tesco.com. It’s great to see that we’re inspiring people to consider working with us, and you can have no doubt that our offices are a great place to work.

Where appropriate I do pass on your details to the HR team and I leave it to them to get in touch if they think there is a suitable role. However there is an official route to apply that also overcome the possibility that I have missed your message (I get over 200 emails a day).

Take a look at the new Tesco careers web site that has been launched with career-seekers in mind. It’s packed with information about Tesco, career options, and “how we do things round here”.

Image of Therese Procter who is HR Director for Tesco.com

Indeed our HR Director for Retailing Services, Therese Procter (pictured), has said that Tesco’s success is down to our simple corporate values: “No one tries harder for customers” and “Treat people how we like to be treated“.

Head to http://www.tesco-careers.com for all the information you can handle about careers at Tesco. Maybe I’ll see you in our office sometime soon!

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