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Be part of the HEALTH-e-HACK hackathon @ Food Matters Live 2018 (ExCeL, London on 20–22 November 201

FoodMaestro and Nielsen Brandbank are hosting their very first #hackathon at Food Matters Live 2018, and I’m delighted to be hosting and helping organise this event with their teams.

Technology is changing, and so is our appetite to eat better. We are calling for creative minds to join us in creating the next big revolution to grocery shopping! There is an obvious connection between what we eat and our health. How we connect evolving technologies to help us find the right foods is less obvious. Health-e-Hack invites you to explore innovative ideas that enable us to better serve The Conscious Consumer.

Do you have a great idea that could improve your health, and the health of your friends and family – indeed all consumers – if only you had access to accurate, quality-assured and trusted nutritional data about grocery products? 

In that case, your registration to join the HEALTH-e-HACK hackathon at Food Matters Live 2018 (ExCeL, London on 20–22 November 2018) is your very next move!

And if you win? Follow the link to read about the remarkable prize that will help you bring your winning idea to market.

See you there!

To register, or for more information visit

Best regards

Nick Lansley

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