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Are you The Nation’s Noggin?

Tesco Mobile and their marketing agency Ruby have together launched a fun and engaging Facebook app called The Nation’s Noggin which is designed as a set of ‘brain-training’-style fun and crazy games.

Your aim is to complete each level in The Nation’s Noggin quickly and correctly, earning as many points as you can by completing the various mini-games. If you’re good you become ranked in the ’Leaderboard’ section where you can compare scores with other people in your region, friends or family. Usefully there is a practice zone where you can hone your skills in private.

Rob Spicer from Tesco Mobile and Sam Grischotti from Ruby agency told me that the reason they created this app was to give something back to the customer and help raise awareness of the Tesco Mobile brand. They have sent me a set of screenshots to show you around (click for larger images), but of course if you are a Facebook member, you can go straight to the app at: (note that the web address starts ‘apps’ not ‘www’)

I’ve used the app found the experience really enjoyable – so see you on The Nation’s Noggin Leadership Boards…below me of course..!

News has come through about a round of funding for social networking site Facebook has given that brand the same market value as the whole Tesco. Not bad for a company started just under 7 years (as opposed to our 70 years) ago!

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