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Android! Android! Android! Message Received!


those of you not filling my email and blog comments with barcode scanner questions, it’s Android.

Curse my transparency – hold onto your hat as you read this message from B0lty:

Why haven’t you included a barcode scanner? More like why haven’t you included a Tesco Android app? I find it flabbergasting that so many leading UK businesses seem to ignore or lag behind in developing for the Android OS. It’s like they’re oblivious to Android. You’d be a very short-sighted company indeed to ignore the phenomenal growth in the Android userbase. It’s well recognised that Android will eclipse iPhone next year for number of users. App usage will go through the roof as affordable smartphones hit the market. With Ocado sitting pretty with their app, Tesco really should be feeling a little nervous right now. Anyway, it’s back to my Ocado app right now. Ta ta Tesco.

We have heard you; we are on the case! The production mobile team we have put together is getting stuck in. On the other hand we’re not going to rush something out. Whatever we do for Android will be gorgeous on Android and we won’t release it until it is.

It starts with me – I am ONLY using a Google Nexus One with Android 2.2 installed from now on. My beautiful beloved iPhone is now the possession of my very happy husband and I have vowed not to touch it beyond using it for testing updates to our iPhone apps (and placing grocery orders) until something from Tesco appears for Android.

I’ll stay true to my word – those of you coming to see me on business can ask me to show you my phone and prove to you when I last used it by showing the ‘call log’ screen (the phone is often glued to my ear).

You want Tesco apps on Android! Message received!

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