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Access live weather metrics from our new home!

The unit in this picture is the Davis Vantage Vue weather seneor, which measures wind speed and direction, rainfall, atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity. It’s mounted on a pole above the roof of our house, and updates a weather console with this data ervery few seconds.

Inside the weather console is a data-logger which which retrieves this data and builds up a historic archive of data measurements. Connected to the logger is a Raspberry Pi micro-computer running some open source software called ‘weewx‘ which reads the log data at regular intervals and builds a set of web pages (plus RSS feed) of weather information, both live and archived. Weewx makes the data available on our home network, and sends this it across to the web server so you can see it here (opens new web broswer window).

To start with I’ve set the update interval to once every 30 minutes but will increase it to once every 5 minutes when the system has bedded in OK.

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