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TechForTesco QR code appears on Midsomer Murders episode

An eagle-eyed TV viewer has contacted me to say that, when he scanned a QR code in an episode of the ITV detective drama Midsomer Murders called Murder By Magic, he arrived at my old blog at TechForTesco.

Here is the original QR code:

…which contains a web link to take you to this page (which I welcome you to follow in a moment):

Here it is showing on the screens in’s former headquarters building in Welwyn Garden City (originally ‘1 Falcon Way’, now ‘Snowball’) without any announcement, thus teasing colleagues to try and scan it:

Note the date: 26 April (2010) and the Tesco share price on that date: 452.05p (here in 2017 it hovers around the 200p mark!).

Here’s my colleague David scanning the QR code back in 2010:

Fast forward to 2017 and an episode of Midsomer Murders called Murder By Magic playing in HD on German movie channel ZDF NEO:

In the police station, a wall of photographs of the suspects in a murder have QR codes attached to them:

As the detectives discuss a particular murder suspect, the camera zooms in on one of the photographs:

The QR code attached to that photograph is the same QR code as used at the top of this article, linking to the old blog page at TechForTesco. That is how one viewer Matthias found himself on the TechForTesco blog site and contacted me.

Interesting trivia!

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