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Square barcode showing on screens at HQ today

Well done if you’ve arrived here from decoding the square ‘QR’ barcode square I put up on all the media screens at HQ in Falcon Way today. The text data in the barcode (recreated above) points to the direct web address of this blog post.

I wanted to see how many people 1) noticed and 2) decided to see if they could decode it. If it works, this means that people are taking notice of these barcode squares and acting on them. I’ll work out what that means later!

I used the QR barcode generator web page at to make the barcode, used my Mac’s “snapshot” feature to take an image of the barcode, uploaded it to the screens then tested it on my iPhone using the app “Barcode” by Stefan Hafeneger.

Email me or comment on this post if you did decode the barcode and let me know how you did it (e.g. an mobile phone app?).

Here’s how it looks on one of the media screens set up throughout HQ (click for bigger picture):

UPDATE: Colleague Dave caught taking a photo of the barcode displaying on one of the screens (I asked for his permission to put it in the public domain afterwards!). Click image for larger picture.

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