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Podcast Episode 3: Innovation in Hackathons

Innovations in Hackathons

I designed the methodology behind this hackathon, so in this episode I explore how I have changed the way that hackathons are judged and scored to make them more interesting for all involved – and it puts the judges to work too!

This episode includes behind-the-scenes audio and interviews of the judges and hackers, recorded by the excellent Retail Week Hackathon organising team of which I was a proud member.


Listen now (running time 31:46)

More listening options:

  1. Click here to listen to this episode on SoundCloud.

  2. Download MP3 audio file (you may need to right-click this link).

  3. Click here for information on listening/subscribing via iTunes or using your favourite podcasting mobile app to get new episodes automatically.

#Hackathon #Innovation #retailweek

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