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Podcast Episode 2: Innovation in Data

Innovation in Data

We live in the ‘Information Age’ where the creation and use of data is prolific. Data drives business operations, social media and more.

Data is important, but my passion is for open data. That’s data that is freely available in data files that you can download and import into a spreadsheet or database. Another way is to connect to a special web service called an Application Programming Interface or API. I wrote the original Tesco Grocery API as it gave me a platform to try out new ideas with customers, as well as get third party developers involved in creating great experiences.

I discuss the innovation and opportunities of open data with Stuart Coleman. Stuart was commercial director at the Open Data Institute, formed to promote and license open data in the UK. Stuart now invests in companies that take data sources and package them into value-add services for use by organisations for help with their business operations or forecasting.

A good example is TransportAPI which makes available all train and bus timetables in the UK, mixed with realtime data as to where trains and buses are right now, as well as road and cycle route planning amongst other services. Think of all the live and archived data sources that needs!

Given his experience, Stuart is a great to interview about open data, and what better place to go and meet him: His office is in a building wedged between London’s Euston Rail and Tube station, and Euston Bus Terminus!


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