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New version of Tesco Clubcard iPhone app submitted

We’ve submitted a new version of the Tesco Clubcard app to the Apple iTunes App Store.

As well as continuing to feature the on-screen barcode which can be scanned at most checkouts, the updated Tesco Clubcard app now gives you access your live points balance if you have a cellular or wifi internet connection:

A second feature of the app is to allow you to calculate just how many points you can accumulate in a year, in order to use as vouchers or use with Clubcard Deals. The calculator uses sliders that you set when estimating your weekly, monthly and yearly shopping habits with Tesco:

The page scrolls down and covers all aspects of shopping with Tesco from weekly food and fuel shopping to use of Clubcard credit card, electricity and gas bills (where you earn Clubcard points whether due to a partner agreement or paying the bill with a Tesco Clubcard payment card), insurance, mobile phone top-ups, clothing, entertainment, health & beauty, and even Tesco Opticians and the Tesco Direct catalogue:

Once you have set the points level, you can then get an estimate of the savings you’ll make in pounds and pence over the year, both in vouchers and deals:

The Tesco Clubcard is free from the Apple iTunes Store and, if you already have the app, the free update will be automatically downloaded when you next use iTunes online or access the ‘App Store’ icon on your iPhone. Click here to start iTunes to go straight to the app download page.

The updated application, like the original, was built by Ben Martin of Tesco PLC’s Group Technology & Architecture team. Ben, you’ve done a great job!

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