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Keynote speech at Berlin European Online Retail Conference

Tomorrow morning I’m giving a keynote speech at the European Online Retail Conference in Berlin (link goes to Microsoft English translation of German site). Called ‘ and the Fourth Screen’, my presentation explores new thinking on how to bring grocery shopping to customers using a new, challenging idea: Make it effortless for customers.

I’ve always admired the trustworthiness and integrity of e-commerce conducted throughout western Europe so I was delighted to accept the invitation from Germany’s The Conference Group to give my presentation to a genuinely interesting group of about 300 top companies.

When I agree to accept a speaking engagement it is always at zero cost to Tesco and also involves being sure I can gain as much insight as possible (and ideally more than I give, ha!). With the sort of companies attending tomorrow this will, I think, be plain sailing.

My presentation contains very similar content to the speech I gave at the recent IMRG Members’ Meeting in October, and the T-JAM innovation event in August. I really should make a video and put it up here! A project for Christmas, perhaps…

Update: I’ve decided not to take my laptop with me so I take only hand luggage onto Easyjet. That means I’m relying on my iPhone for all I’m doing. Scary but worth the experiment for the 48 hours I’m away. Well hey, I’ve just updated this blog entry on it while sat in Luton Airport’s departure lounge!

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