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Dragon’s Den comes to

Deborah Meaden (seated) with Carol Savage from MyDish and a BBC camera crew

outside HQ in Welwyn Garden City, UK

Look out for Dragon’s Den on BBC2 at 9pm this Sunday. It will feature Deborah Meaden who recently visited us to film Dragon’s Den winner Carol Savage, founder of, as part of a new partnership deal with

The MyDish website enables customers to upload and share their own recipes and the new deal means that MyDish users can now order all the ingredients they need in just a few clicks from The MyDish team have used our very own grocery API to achieve the connection between their site and our grocery service.

In addition, the MyDish technology is now included in our Real Food site so that customers can upload and share recipes, with the option to order the recipe ingredients from while they’re online.

(Images and text in this article mainly authored by Tesco Staff UK Communications team, with my ‘using our API’ sentence added for context)

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