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Apple iPhone adverts double Tesco Finder download rate

Tesco Finder, our store and product finder app for iPhone, has been featuring in Apple advertising on the back of the Sunday papers over the last four weeks (thank you Apple!).

You may be interested to know three interesting statistics:

  1. Tesco Finder downloads on these Sundays have been double the normal download rates (and remember, each download is a new customer using the Finder service). In recent weeks Tesco Finder has secured an average of 760 downloads a day, but on the days the advertising has been shown, this has reached over 1,300 – pretty much double.

  2. Use of the application (defined by the count of calls made by Tesco Finder to our servers to perform the search requests) increased by 20% on advertised days, returning to normal the following day.

  3. On advertised days, our other apps also enjoyed an uplift: Tesco Wine Finder downloads increased from 145 downloads a day to 245 on advertised days (approx 60% increase), and Tesco Clubcard app increased from an average of 10,000 a day to just over 13,000 on advertised days (30% uplift).

Reviewing these stats, I draw the conclusion that Apple’s featuring of apps as part of their advertising is highly effective at both bringing new users to an application, and also reminding existing users to start using an app they may have stopped using recently (or perhaps use it more) judging by the uplift in use on those days. It’s also interesting that both downloads and usage returned to normal the next day once the awareness spike had passed.

There is also a ‘halo effect’ uplifting other apps in our collection in the app store. What makes this all the more interesting is that, before the advertising went live, we agreed with the Apple agency to change Tesco Finder’s icon to show the full Tesco logo rather than the previous image of a “T” with a compass. Although the uplift in Tesco Finder was most effective, this may have helped our other apps too: People just glancing quickly at the advert would note the familiar Tesco logo and note that “there is a Tesco app in the app store” and search on just our name.

I would be interested to know if many (perhaps all?) iPhone app downloads increase on advertised days. I would also be interested to know if paid apps have the same percentage uplift as free apps do.

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