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20% of customers now moved to new grocery platform.

The team just informed me that they’ve reached the 20% mark – which means that as a customer you now have a 1-in-5 chance of being on the new service today. You can tell if you’ve been upgraded, because you’ll see the new home page as shown above when you next login to

Don’t worry if you haven’t been upgraded yet; the aim is to have moved everyone over by the end of February – we’re just taking it step-by-step at the average rate of 3% a working day as we build up load on the new service. We’re using random factors in the decision-making being used as to which accounts are upgraded in each daily batch so there is no clue as to when your account will be actually transferred – and no unfairness just because your surname starts with an X, Y or Z…!

In any case none of this will interfere with your ability to shop for groceries, and no orders or deliveries are harmed in the transfer process.

As for the 20% of you who are now on the sparkling new grocery service: Enjoy!


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